4 Simple Steps to Write & Publish a Kindle Book in the Next 30 Days

Found this article from Blogging your Passion just in time!

This past weekend we sent out a simple 3 question survey related to aspiring authors on the Amazon Kindle. We had a huge response to say the least.  Over 73% of those who responded indicated they have thought about writing and publishing a book on the Amazon Kindle.

We also asked the following question:  What are some of the major obstacles standing in your way from publishing on the Amazon Kindle?

We listed several choices. In the final analysis, there were two clear-cut reasons why aspiring authors are not publishing on the Amazon Kindle:

They have no clue how to do it.

They are having a hard time finding time to write the book.

I hope to address both of these issues along with a few other possible constraints in our up-coming free webinar. In this free webinar we are going to walk you through the four steps you need to take to publish a Kindle Book in the next 30 days.

Watch the video below to better understand what will be covered.

1. Researching Your Kindle Book – Success and failure can depend on what categories you choose for your books. You want to find a hot selling category that has low competition.

2. Writing Your Kindle Book – I am going to share 4 tools I used to write my first Kindle book in less than 30 days. I will also share a strategy I am going to implement with my future Kindle books.

3. Publishing Your Kindle Book – You need to know the right steps to take when you are adding your book to the Kindle Library.

4. Promoting Your Kindle Book – The great thing about Amazon is they do the heavy lifting for you. However, you can increase your sales by doing a few other things right.” via 4 Simple Steps to Write & Publish a Kindle Book in the Next 30 Days.

There’s an upcoming webinar here, too…