Heads in the cloud; Plymouth Foam uses cloud computing for internal forums

Plymouth Foam

Here’s a nice article about how my client Plymouth Foam is using tools like Google Apps for Business to run their business:

While the “cloud” sounds like a nebulous technological buzzword, it’s a very real and useful tool embraced by companies like Plymouth Foam. The Sheboygan County manufacturing company is taking cloud computing very seriously, using it to boost communications and spark creativity.

According to Plymouth Foam President and CEO (and self-avowed “technology geek”) David Bolland, the company has moved all internal communications (such as email) to an off-site cloud. “It’s really opened up communication,” he says. “There was some hesitation to it, but it’s been a positive experience.”

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing where resources and memory are hosted by an out-of-office network service provider. Bolland learned more about the process at a seminar a few years ago, immediately saw the benefits and pitched his company on the idea.

“When you have a flat organization, it’s not always easy to communicate and still create momentum,” Bolland says. That’s why cloud computing seemed so enticing, especially since the company sought to expand its markets and fuel creativity and collaboration.” Get the rest here: SMALL BUSINESS – Heads in the cloud – Plymouth Foam uses cloud computing for internal forums | INSIGHT – Business-to-Business Publication.

Note; Plymouth Foam was using Google Apps for Business long before I began working with them, however, I did recently overhaul their website converting it to WordPress and integrating it with social media…