The Incredible Relationship Between Content Marketing and Sales

Although the trend called “content marketing” continues to grow with companies big and small around the globe, the gap between producing content and then using it to change the sales cycle continues to be grossly wide, with few companies truly understanding the relationship between these two critical piece of business success.

The more I work with organizations, the more I find myself getting blank looks to this one critical question:

How has your sales process changed since you started using content marketing?

Sadly, this question typically leads to a look of confusion and perplexity.

A few months back, I introduced the concepts of content marketing tipping points and assignment selling. Although this may sound arrogant, I strongly feel that these two marketing techniques will revolutionize any business and organization if used the right way.

And now that I’ve been able to watch the magic of content work with many of my clients, I’m more passionate today about this subject than I’ve ever been.

Let me give you a few examples of what I’m talking about when I say integrating content marketing with the sales process.” Get the rest here: The Incredible Relationship Between Content Marketing and Sales.

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