13 signs your website is out of date

Do you have the website equivalent of scrunchies and shoulder pads? Photo from Bellasugar

I stumbled across what that looks like at post over at Branded Out Loud with 13 signs your website is out of date.  The post has great examples of what not to do!  So check out the full post here.  It’s from last year (don’t know how I missed it), but it’s still very much in vogue.  Here are the highlights:

1. Your mission statement is featured front and center.

2. You have no graphical message to SHOW what you do.

3. You have an outdated calendar widget that looks like an actual calendar.

4.You have text and/or clip art centered all the way down the page.

5. You have WELCOME anywhere on the page. (oops, I have that on this blog)

6. You have more than 8 menu options or dropdowns with their own dropdowns.

7. You have stock photos that don’t seem to have any connection to what you do or photos that just don’t work.

8. Everything on the page is in a little box with a border and the text smacks up against the box.

9. Your page background is your logo repeated.

10. You have 3 columns and none of them are the same length (leaving blank spaces).

11. You have any kind of graphic that is animated (flag waving etc.) or text scrolling across the page.

12. You have Content Management Syndrome (fancy and plain elements mixed together).

13. You have a big Paypal donate button on your main page. (Though big Donate buttons are good.)” via 13 signs your website is out of date.