Don’t Expect A Full Read/Write Google+ API Anytime Soon

You would think that me, being the Google fanboy that I am, would have embraced Google+ a long time ago. One of my biggest issues with Google+ is that it is a ‘walled garden’ — it’s difficult to get information in and especially out. Apparently there’s no relief in the near future, either:

“Despite the fact that Google has been slowly launching more APIs for Google+, don’t expect the company to launch a full read/write API anytime soon. During a Google+ platform fireside chat at Google I/O today, Google+ VP Bradley Horowitz and other members of the Google+ team said that Google is still taking a very deliberate approach to Google+’s APIs. The company, Horowitz said, doesn’t want to “disrupt something very special” and “magical” by just opening up a full read/write API that would allow developers to write apps that can easily post to Google+.” Get more here: Don’t Expect A Full Read/Write Google+ API Anytime Soon, Google Doesn’t Want To Disrupt Something “Magical” | TechCrunch.

What are your thoughts on Google+ and the absence of a read/write api after one year of Google+?