How I publish from Google+

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Mike Elgan provides this valuable information:

Google itself does not generate RSS feeds from public posts, for some reason. But independent services do.

The best one that I’m aware of is called Pluss Feed Proxy for Google+. To use it, visit the site and click “Login with Google.” It will give you a URL for your RSS feed.

But wait! We’re not done yet. I believe the RSS feeds generated by this and other such services work in most RSS readers, but not all services that use RSS do other things, such as posting on other social sites.

That’s why I recommend “laundering” the RSS feed through FeedBurner.

FeedBurner is an old feed management service owned by Google. It does a lot of useful things, but for our purposes, its main benefit is to take a poorly supported RSS feed and transform it into a widely supported one.

To use it, go to the service and set up an account. Sign in with your Google password if you’re not already signed in.

Paste your Pluss feed RSS URL into the “Burn a feed right this instant” box and click “Next,” then “Next” again.

Copy the URL that FeedBurner gives you; that’s the URL for your Google+ feed, which you can use on any site that supports RSS.

You can offer your RSS feed to readers and followers, in case they prefer to get your posts that way.

Here’s what my FeedBurner RSS feed looks like.”  Get more here:  Elgan: How I publish from Google+ – Computerworld.

I have tested this and found it works well with my other tools like and Buffer. I did a Pearltree with some sharing ideas here.