4 Types of Content Real Estate Agents Should Create

John Doherty writes:

I am a professional online marketer by day and a writer/content producer by night. Every day, clients, potential clients, and others on private message boards ask me how they can create content for their own websites that resonates with their users. Many claim, “Well, I work in a boring industry. There’s nothing interesting to write about!”

I actually received an unsolicited email recently with the following title: “Is SEO applicable to real estate websites?”

My first reaction was, “Yes, of course it is!” but then I realized that for some marketers, industries like real estate seem drab and boring. “It’s just architecture,” they say. “Houses are just somewhere that people live.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, I would argue that real estate is a very interesting niche to create content in, and even more than that, to create content that meets the needs of your personas (aka your site’s visitors and potential buyers) in places that are not just your own website.

One of my freelance clients is Marin Real Estate. The majority of my work with them has been to create content that they can use to educate their audience and improve their SEO rankings.

The owners of the website have done a good job of publishing high-quality material on their blog for a few years now, but they needed to “think outside the box” to create additional content to meet the needs of their customers and present themselves as thought leaders (which they legitimately are).

Whether you are marketing real estate, or any other product or service, there are four types of sites I recommend you focus on as you expand your content creation.” Get the answer here: 4 Types of Content Real Estate Agents Should Create | Content Marketing Institute.