Business in 21st century: be online or be visible?

The term “digital economy” has an irresistible appeal today. Entrepreneurs, marketing analysts and business technology fans constantly repeat it with mixture of enthusiasm and fanaticism. However, it is essential to emphasize that digital economy is not a mere sum of business and high technology; it implies a real paradigm shift. An essential part of these changes directly affects the visibility of brands and companies who – in the midst of the incessant flow of information and knowledge – are struggling not to sink into an ocean of changing data.

In the online world, the battle for hearts and minds of the “hyper-informed” consumers in 21st century has a number of unwritten rules, which is important to note. In other words, nobody denies the need to be “visible” on the web. The challenge is how to translate this visibility into results.” Get the rest here: Business in 21st century: be online or be visible? | Social Media Today.