5 Gmail Filters to Get You to Inbox Zero

Chris Smith of Stepcase Lifehack writes:

The elusive Inbox Zero. It’s the moment when you have all of your “inputs” somewhat dealt with and the the slate is clear for you to concentrate on what is truly important. Some people think that it’s simply getting your entire email inbox to no emails. If that is the case, I could do that pretty easily by selecting all email and trashing it.

That’s not necessarily the point.

Inbox Zero is a state where we have our decks cleared, have the right things in the right places, and we can start to work on what is important. But, we can use some hacks to get us to this state a little bit easier everyday.

Use the 5 Gmail filters to help clear out your inbox, achieve Inbox Zero, and free up the time and space to get done what really matters.” Get the rest here: 5 Gmail Filters to Get You to Inbox Zero.

It seems like I’m seeing articles like this almost daily. Now that a Forrester study has documented what we already believed — that we spend almost a third of our business lives handling email — people are *officially* looking for relief. In my ebook on ‘personal news aggregation’ [free with registration], I talk about filters as being one of the 7 key features of Gmail that relieve inbox stress and Gmail as the killer email app as well, but not many talk about the philosophy *behind* email that I advocate — namely, that email should be used for ‘just in time’ information; information that affects relationships and revenue. All your ‘just in case’ information like newsletters and updates belong in Google Reader. This simple act alone of deciding what you allow into Gmail will take the pressure off! Start by getting all the just in case info out of your email and into Google Reader and then apply ideas like Chris’ in addition and you’ll take your email management down to a much more manageable percentage of your time…

By the way, here’s what my inbox looks like right now…