How Not to ‘Steal’ People’s Content on the Web

Cory Eridon of HubSpot writes:

The best internet marketers aren’t afraid to share. Share content; share links; share ideas; share data; you name it. In fact, the inbound marketers who love to share usually see fantastic results because of it!

The thing is, sometimes marketers get a little protective of their stuff because there are less than scrupulous people out there who take content and then try to pass it off as their own. All that hard work, and none of the credit. Not cool!

Well, sometimes it’s not that someone’s being skeevy … they just don’t know “how the internet works.” You’re supposed to share content, but you’re also supposed to give credit where credit is due. So to clear up any confusion and ensure you (and anyone you do business with) is following proper internet etiquette, this post will outline proper methods of source attribution on the internet to guarantee the right people get credit for their hard work and ideas. It’s just the polite way to do business on the internet!” Get the rest here: How Not to Steal People’s Content on the Web.

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