How To Find Hidden Blog Posts In Your Emails

John Haydon

John Haydon has some great ideas for nonprofits that apply to any company that wants to begin blogging:

So you’ve finally decided to start blogging for your nonprofit. But you’ve got one small problem:

Who’s going to write all of these blog posts?

You’re not alone. Most nonprofits ask this when starting a blog.

The good news is that, hidden within the thousands of emails you’ve sent over the past few years, exists fodder rich in blogging nutrients.

Sifting Emails for Blogging Fodder

If you go back to your blog strategy, you realize that your main objective for blogging is to answer the most common questions in ways that are very specific and useful. The more specific the question, the more useful the answer will be.” via How To Find Hidden Blog Posts In Your Emails.

Consider this…