How to Energize Your Social Content Marketing Strategy

Could it be as simple as listening to and understanding your customers? Ashley Zeckman has a thought provoking post that I’d like to share with you:

Do you understand the consumer? Who is your target audience? Are they new or existing customers, and are you optimized for those audiences? If we understand our audience we have an opportunity to appeal to them based on what they want and what’s important to them, and in turn create content that speaks to them throughout the sales process. By empathizing with customer’s wants and needs and knowing why they care about you as a company, you can leverage that through content marketing and deliver it to those customers in a way that speaks to them.

If we examine a hub and spoke model, assuming we know our primary goal or objective, we can do more than just release a piece of content on Facebook or YouTube. We can utilize our existing networks to exponentially increase the reach of that content. It’s not about just putting something up on Slideshare, its segmenting that content and posting it to Facebook and Twitter, publishing a blog or a white paper and truly leveraging what audience you have and motivating them to take action. If you’re going to take advantage of a model like this it’s imperative you continually grow those networks.” Get more here: How to Energize Your Social Content Marketing Strategy.

imho, if you’re going to be intentional about social media [as opposed to committing random acts of social media marketing] you start first by understanding the ‘customer question’. What would a persona be looking for if they found you? When you understant that/those question[s], you can track the sites, searches and sources that answer those questions in Google Reader and curate or create content based on what you synthesize with your subject matter expertise…

If you start with an understanding of your customer as Ashley suggests, it’s relatively easy to bring your content marketing strategy into alignment behind it. The great thing about it is that according to the following infographic, only 34% of marketers even take the time to consider the customer question — it seems to me that understanding your customer is [but should not be] a great breakout strategy! :-D