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How to get LESS out of @e1evation

My superpower is ‘personal news aggregation’ — following me in Twitter can be overwhelming! Here are some thoughts on getting to the good stuff… Related articles The best of @e1evation for 8/5/2012 (… Continue reading

How to share faster on Google+ with Do Share

NOW I get it! via How to share faster on Google+ with Do Share – YouTube.

Using Google Reader ‘send to’ with and .org

This week one of my eager beaver overachiever students is trying to implement something that I mentioned in class last week; namely, how you can send content directly from Google Reader to… Continue reading

5 Ways Every Business Should Use Google+ Hangouts

John Jantsch shares this: A Google Hangout is little more than a glorified video chat and could be accomplished using a variety of technology, but they are unique for two important reasons. First,… Continue reading

Tools for Tuesday; Evernote [updated]

Here’s another ‘5 Minute University’ session. This time on one of my favorite tools, Evernote… Here’s a bonus riff that I just added! Here’s an outline of the topics… 1 Why Evernote? 1.1… Continue reading

Tools for Tuesday; + Twitter

Curation for Mac; ScribeFire vs. MarsEdit

The 3 flavors of WordPress

There’s a lot of confusion around the 3 ‘flavors’ of WordPress —, and WordPress multisite. Here’s my attempt to end it. The confusion that is… Here’s a copy of the mindmap… Continue reading

Tools I use; Google Reader + IFTTT

One of the keys to success in social media is using the right tools and aligning them in an optimal fashion. Here are two of my favorites; Google Reader and If This Then… Continue reading

Effective sharing using Google Reader and Shareaholic

5 years of Google Reader

If you’d like to learn how to use Google Reader, try my new ebook on ‘personal news aggregation’. You can also search for past posts on Google Reader — no other tool has… Continue reading

What motivates us?

Monday Morning Rant; Hey, @mattmullenweg! Please fix ‘press this’ and ‘post by mail’

I love WordPress. Most of the time. In the following screencast I talk about two of my top annoyances… imho, WordPress should buy Posterous just to add these two features [and put them… Continue reading