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The 10 commandments of Pinterest for business via The 10 commandments of Pinterest for business. Advertisements

The 25 Questions Your Site Must Answer

Lisa Barone did an excellent post that I’d like to share with you: How long will a user stay on your site before leaving? Unless you can prove, quickly, that your site is… Continue reading

Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King

Interesting thinking on content vs. curation: Content is King” — no longer. Today, the world has changed. “Curation Is King.” Ok, I hear all the content-makers sharpening their knives to take me on.… Continue reading

Extreme content marketing…

Even morticians are ‘getting it’… Indulge that morbid fascination with “Ask a Mortician” – Holy Kaw!.

Using Curation to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Mix

INFOGRAPHIC: Using Curation to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Mix | Uberflip.      

The Content Marketing Mix

Visual Loop – The Content Marketing Mix.

How To Make The Case For Content Marketing

Heidi Cohen writes: Making the case for content marketing requires a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether it can be a profitable investment, just like with any other project or initiative vying for corporate resources. Fortunately, when it… Continue reading

7 Business Goals of Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute writes: Content marketing is the practice of creating relevant and compelling content in a consistent fashion to a targeted buyer, focusing on all stages of the… Continue reading

5 Ways to Tell a Compelling Story with Content Marketing

The rise of content marketing…

Should You Curate Content? The Essentials Every Content Marketer Needs to Consider

Mark Sherbin has an excellent post on curation that I wanted to share with you… There’s no doubt that midway through 2012, one buzzword for marketers is curation. Some of us are still… Continue reading

Another simple curation workflow

This one features Google Reader, IFTTT, Buffer and Twylah [all free, cross platform tools!] for a simple but effective sharing workflow:

50 Blogging Benefits that Will Change Your Business Forever

Marcus Sheridan writes: Despite everything I’ve written about blogging for business (content marketing) over the last few years, people still ask me everyday this one simple question: “But is it really worth it… Continue reading

The best work I ever read on content management…

…is in this book! You can listen to author Rebecca Lieb talk with Mitch Joel on the topic of ‘Content Marketing and The New Advertising’ here. I hung on every word and I… Continue reading