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Good news for e1evation customers and students…

Now you can get LESS!!! Customers will receive an invite to the client only site at their email address of record. Not a customer? Comment, call or ‘connect’ so we can talk about… Continue reading

Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest – A Social Media Checklist For Businesses

This is as good a checklist for budding social media managers as I’ve ever seen! Why don’t you print it out and put it up on your wall or make it the wallpaper… Continue reading

Is your traffic growing or shrinking?

Here are the stats for this blog launched 6 weeks ago. Is your site traffic growing like this? Comment, call or ‘connect’ so we can talk about how we can apply the ‘e1evation… Continue reading

Heads in the cloud; Plymouth Foam uses cloud computing for internal forums

Here’s a nice article about how my client Plymouth Foam is using tools like Google Apps for Business to run their business: While the “cloud” sounds like a nebulous technological buzzword, it’s a… Continue reading

Using Google Reader ‘send to’ with and .org

This week one of my eager beaver overachiever students is trying to implement something that I mentioned in class last week; namely, how you can send content directly from Google Reader to… Continue reading

Are You Spending 1,000 Hours Preparing for Your Next Job?

My blogging buddy David Kanigan pointed me to this article in the Harvard Business Review: In 2012, some estimate that information is doubling every 18 months and that the doubling time is shortening… Continue reading

3 easy steps to build a bigger online audience via Infographic: 3 easy steps to build a bigger online audience.

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

A Primer for Blogging; thoughts on 3,000 posts…

Just in time for this ‘milestone’ post, Chris Brogan provided this handy list that I’ll use as a preamble to what it is that I already wanted to share with you… If you… Continue reading

Todd ‘The Toolman’, Episode 1

Covering the ‘e1evation workflow’, Gmail, Google Reader, WordPress and

“Internet Home Improvement” with Todd ‘The Toolman’ Lohenry

Tim Allen is one of my favorite comedians and I love the show ‘Home Improvement’… For three years, I’ve been wanting to do a weekly live broadcast and now — thanks to Google+… Continue reading

Get elevated!

What is e1evation, llc and how can we help?

3 hours of content management strategy and tactics training

This is [almost] everything I think I know about the topic with a couple of bonus videos thrown in at the beginning…