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How to Grow Your Mobile Presence

Visual Loop via How to Grow Your Mobile Presence. Advertisements

A practical use for Google Reader

Here’s another good use for Google Reader; tracking all those top ten lists you find in social media… Related articles How To Send Google Reader Items To WordPress ( Using Google Reader ‘send… Continue reading

Another simple curation workflow

This one features Google Reader, IFTTT, Buffer and Twylah [all free, cross platform tools!] for a simple but effective sharing workflow:

An Introduction to 7 of the Most Popular Social Networks for Business

The Inbound Internet Marketing Blog HubSpot recently did a fine article on “An Introduction to 7 of the Most Popular Social Networks for Business”. They cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora and… Continue reading

10 Google Chromebook tips, tricks and tweaks

via GigaOM. I use and LOVE a Chromebook and highly recommend them! Get more here: 10 Google Chromebook tips, tricks and tweaks. Related articles Video: Why I’m enjoying Google’s newest ChromeBook ( Google Chromebooks… Continue reading

5 Ways Every Business Should Use Google+ Hangouts

John Jantsch shares this: A Google Hangout is little more than a glorified video chat and could be accomplished using a variety of technology, but they are unique for two important reasons. First,… Continue reading

I’m working on a new way…

…to tell the ‘thought leadership’ marketing story. First off, no Microsoft products; Google Drive. Second, short, sweet and to the point. Let me know what you think… Bonus ZMOT resources!

Get elevated!

What is e1evation, llc and how can we help?

The Death of RIM

RIM is circling the drain. Here’s the history…

How to easily include images in your posts…

I coach a lot of people on how to use WordPress effectively for ‘thought leadership’ marketing. One of the most important things to include in every post is a relevant picture. Why? HubSpot… Continue reading

Consuming information effectively, or, how to ‘listen’ to the internet…

If you want to be a thought leader [or be perceived as an expert on the internet] I believe there are just two things you need to do… Deepen your expertise by appropriately… Continue reading

On having a firm computing foundation…

One of the greatest things about computing and the internet is the wide variety of “good, fast, and cheap” tools we have for ‘thought leadership‘ marketing. One of the worst things about computing… Continue reading

My morning reading and curation workflow…

How I efficiently read and share news as a means of ‘thought leadership’ marketing…