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6 Ways to Become Known as an Expert

Fauzia Burke writes: Our brand is our reputation, which is built upon our stories and expertise, and our willingness to share our knowledge. In today’s socially connected world our reputations have become global,… Continue reading

A Brief History of Thought Leadership

Thought Leaders Blog Go to the source: A Brief History of Thought Leadership.

Thought leadership – some are more sophisticated than others

Thought leader Craig Badings, author of Brand Stand, writes: It stands to reason that those organisations steeped in thought leadership for over 10 years, and in a sector where you live or die… Continue reading

A practical use for Google Reader

Here’s another good use for Google Reader; tracking all those top ten lists you find in social media… Related articles How To Send Google Reader Items To WordPress ( Using Google Reader ‘send… Continue reading

6 Ways to Tell if You Are a Thought Leader

Dana VanDen Heuvel shared this from the The Center for Sales Strategy Blog: In almost every industry there are people or businesses we think of as being thought leaders. These people and organizations… Continue reading

Heads in the cloud; Plymouth Foam uses cloud computing for internal forums

Here’s a nice article about how my client Plymouth Foam is using tools like Google Apps for Business to run their business: While the “cloud” sounds like a nebulous technological buzzword, it’s a… Continue reading

Marketing For Startups

Marketing For Startups Presentation at Distilled NYC – evolvingSEO.

I’m working on a new way…

…to tell the ‘thought leadership’ marketing story. First off, no Microsoft products; Google Drive. Second, short, sweet and to the point. Let me know what you think… Bonus ZMOT resources!

The Five Steps to Building Your Platform

Michael Hyatt’s Blog. Get more here: The Five Steps to Building Your Platform [Photo].

How to Create a Total Online Presence When You Really Don’t Have the Time

John Jantsch writes: As marketing your business online continues to evolve it’s become essential to look at how you view your online presence in a global, integrated and strategic manner. From this view,… Continue reading

Get elevated!

What is e1evation, llc and how can we help?

3 hours of content management strategy and tactics training

This is [almost] everything I think I know about the topic with a couple of bonus videos thrown in at the beginning…

How To “Eat” Information

Information overload or ‘filter failure’?