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A simple Google Reader driven workflow. Revised and updated 8/14/12.

Here is the basic Google Reader driven workflow I apply to my blog and my social media process. Either this makes perfect sense to you and you say ‘Duh’ or you may want… Continue reading

5 Gmail Filters to Get You to Inbox Zero

Chris Smith of Stepcase Lifehack writes: The elusive Inbox Zero. It’s the moment when you have all of your “inputs” somewhat dealt with and the the slate is clear for you to concentrate… Continue reading

7 ways to manage email overload

Holly Reisem Hanna writes: When I first started blogging, I was easily able to write new articles, comment on other blogs, manage my social media clients, and answer emails, all while enjoying a… Continue reading

Another simple curation workflow

This one features Google Reader, IFTTT, Buffer and Twylah [all free, cross platform tools!] for a simple but effective sharing workflow:

Send Newsletters (and Other Pseudo-Desirable Email) to Evernote to Avoid Email Overload

This is a clever hack from a Lifehacker reader: When I subscribe to electronic newsletters I’ll provide my Evernote email address. This keeps them out of my email and easily found at a… Continue reading

Managing multiple users using Chrome

Kudos to you! Many people would skip over a title like this but you have a good sense to click so here is your reward. I’m going to help you solve a problem… Continue reading

An Introduction to 7 of the Most Popular Social Networks for Business

The Inbound Internet Marketing Blog HubSpot recently did a fine article on “An Introduction to 7 of the Most Popular Social Networks for Business”. They cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora and… Continue reading

Twitter Hack: 5 Ways to Automate Twitter using ifttt!

Cool. Twitter hacks featuring ifttt my favorite automation tool! Can’t wait to try them! Get the scoop here! Twitter Hack: 5 Ways to Automate Twitter | Social Media Today.

A sharing ‘system’ that works hard…

…so you don’t have to! This workflow features WordPress, Twylah, Google+, ifttt and Buffer…. You can see the Pearltree here and there’s a great list of additional tools here. Questions? Feedback? Comment, call… Continue reading

10 Google Chromebook tips, tricks and tweaks

via GigaOM. I use and LOVE a Chromebook and highly recommend them! Get more here: 10 Google Chromebook tips, tricks and tweaks. Related articles Video: Why I’m enjoying Google’s newest ChromeBook ( Google Chromebooks… Continue reading

Does the ‘e1evation workflow’ work?

Here are my Alexa rankings as of today. Click image to enlarge: Compare yours and comment, call or ‘connect’ so we can talk about how this applies to you and your organization…

Are you using Evernote?

Why or why not? I’d be a mere mortal without it! I’ve posted about it before here, here, and here. Watch our videos to learn more about using Evernote. | Evernote.

Heads in the cloud; Plymouth Foam uses cloud computing for internal forums

Here’s a nice article about how my client Plymouth Foam is using tools like Google Apps for Business to run their business: While the “cloud” sounds like a nebulous technological buzzword, it’s a… Continue reading