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5 Ways Every Business Should Use Google+ Hangouts

John Jantsch shares this: A Google Hangout is little more than a glorified video chat and could be accomplished using a variety of technology, but they are unique for two important reasons. First,… Continue reading

Pocket computers for me and five billion of my closest friends…

Steve Layman writes: As a Fathers Day present, I received a shiny new iPhone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  So it was with great interest that I read this blog post from… Continue reading

How to Create a Total Online Presence When You Really Don’t Have the Time

John Jantsch writes: As marketing your business online continues to evolve it’s become essential to look at how you view your online presence in a global, integrated and strategic manner. From this view,… Continue reading

Twitter roundup for 3/29/2012

My weekly roundup of all things Twitter!

If you want to be a thought leader, pick the right foundation…

Chrome is a great browser, but there are a couple of things to be aware of…

Facebook roundup for 3/27/2012

My weekly roundup of all things Facebook…

The week in review for 3/24/2012

The best of what I read this week…

What’s up @ Facebook this week?

I’m grateful for my social media certification class at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for a couple of different reasons: I meet a lot of cool people [some of them become cool clients] It forces me… Continue reading

Never Fall In Love With The Medium

Chris Brogan cut through all the Pinterest crap with a great reminder this morning. He said… It’s Never the Medium. It’s the People We seek to connect with people. We want to reach… Continue reading

This week in Facebook @e1evation

Facebook. Love it? Hate it? Trends indicate it’s still an important part of a balanced social media diet. I must admit, however, that Facebook has lost some of its luster for me. Sometimes… Continue reading

Twitter trends this week @e1evation

I’ve hit the Twitter wall! Apparently my ‘twitter ho‘ strategy of follow everyone is tragically flawed…

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization [SEO] trends in my world

Content marketing — posting relevant content to this blog — is the way I have done Search Engine Optimization [SEO] in the past. Thanks to my Search Engine Optimization [SEO] bff Ronnie Binser of Video Leads Online, I’m now focusing on doing Search Engine Optimization [SEO] ‘on purpose’ instead of by accident…