Best of 2010: Katie Couric and Brian Solis on the Importance of Social Media

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2010 memes in 60 seconds

Know Your Meme 2010 Year in Review (Minnit To Winnit Acoustic House Remix) from Rocketboom on Vimeo.

Why Twitter Followers are Better Than Facebook Fans

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What’s Your Workstyle?

Image via CrunchBase Here at Gist, we have embraced the phrase “connected people change history” as core to our mission and vision.  We believe that technologies are more accessible than ever to the… Continue reading

Stuff I saved in 'Reader' on January 2, 2011

10 Predictions for the iPhone in 2011 January 2, 2011 18 Fun Interesting Facts You Never Knew About The Internet December 31, 2010 2010 Lessons Learned January 1, 2011

The Best Gadgets of 2010


Amazingly Precise Predictions from AT&T in 1993


5 Predictions for Small Business in 2011

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10 Of The Year’s Best Facebook Campaigns

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The Formula for Business Success

To me, the absolute most powerful marketing strategy is to run a really great business that your customers love and tell all of their friends and family about. All the ads and social… Continue reading

$38.67 that will change your year

If it’s true that the first hour is the ‘rudder of the day’ than the next few weeks are the ‘rudder of the year’. If you lead an organization like I do, here… Continue reading

A Return to Feed Reading Tops My 2011 Tech Resolutions

Go to the source to read the article: This post from thought leader Steve Rubel is worthy of your attention. I consider Google Reader to be THE killer app for subject matter… Continue reading

GutCheck: DIY Focus Groups