10 Ways To Launch and Promote A Product Using Social Media

Jeff Bullas did a nice writeup of how Guy Kawasaki used blogging and social media to launch his book ‘Enchantment’:

Launching a product using social media provides multi-media rich global platforms that makes it easy for each social network community to share the message and let other people know about your brand.

Promoting, marketing and launching any product globally was usually left to multi-nationals with big budgets and access to prime time TV and other expensive mass media and to be effective required multi-million dollar budgets.

Here is a case study of Guy Kawasaki’s launch and promotion of his book ‘Enchantment  The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions‘ and how he used a multi channel social media marketing strategy and tactics that can be applied to any product.

This approach or a subset of his campaign can be applied by anyone with the right discipline and appropriate resources and ‘yes’ you will need a marketing budget but it will not need to be 6 or 7 figures.

Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist (Garage  Technology Ventures), a well known blogger and also famous for his RSS aggregator “Alltop”

He was involved in launching and marketing the Apple McIntosh in 1984 and has written ten books with ‘Enchantment’ being his latest.

So how did he launch and promote his book using social media?” Get the answer here: 10 Ways To Launch and Promote A Product Using Social Media.